More Than An AI Recruiting Chatbot

Live Recruiter is an end-to-end, fully managed candidate engagement solution. We combine the latest in AI recruiting chatbot technology with our team of experienced live recruiters to bring the personality of your company into the candidate experience, giving you a competitive edge and offering candidates a more human experience during the recruitment process.

Why Choose Live Recruiter?


24/7, immediate candidate engagement

Engaged candidates have a higher chance of accepting an offer with your organization. Your recruiter chatbot engages candidates immediately, and our recruiters are waiting to field any questions if they want to speak to a human.

More high quality candidates

Handle high volumes of applications and find the right candidates for your company. One of the greatest benefits of using AI in recruitment is you can qualify candidates in advance.

Build your talent pipeline

Convert passive searchers into active candidate leads and build your talent pipeline more quickly. Candidate information is captured automatically by our recruiter chatbot, with our team of agents standing by to help pre-qualify so you see only the best and brightest.

Reduce time-to-fill and acquisition costs

Meet your company’s hiring demands without breaking the bank. Our fully managed service is a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment agencies, with the ability to scale easily to meet your hiring needs.

Elevate and protect your employer brand

Protect your employer brand and build a great employer reputation by improving the experience for candidates. Our custom-built AI recruiting chatbots supplemented with the ability for job seekers to immediately chat with a live agent allows you to offer a premium candidate experience.

Recruit Better With Live Recruiter

Live Recruiter is an end-to-end, fully managed candidate engagement solution that combines technology with live human interaction.