More Than An AI Recruitment Bot

All the benefits of a custom AI recruitment bot, combined with a live team of trained recruitment experts.


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A candidate engagement solution that works. Industry-leading AI technology fully-managed by our expert recruiters.

24/7 Support

Expert agents and your AI chat bot engage candidates, 24/7

Real-Time Responses

Answer candidate FAQs accurately, powered by Machine Learning


Personalize candidate journeys with advanced segmentation capabilities

NLP & Machine Learning

Learns from and improves candidate interactions as volume increases

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights into candidate pipeline and engagement with robust reporting

Managed Candidate Feedback

Candidate feedback & disengagement fully managed by the Live Recruiter team

Less Time, Better Results

Achieve scale with smart automation powered by AI

  • Answer candidate FAQs immediately with your chatbot
  • Use Machine Learning and AI to build Q&A repository
  • Streamline the candidate application process
  • Engage potential candidates instantly from your corporate careers page

Find The Perfect Candidates

Build your candidate pipeline while reducing cost

  • Capture candidate lead information
  • Pre-screen candidates with scoring and tagging functionality
  • Automate resume collection
  • Have candidates uploaded to your ATS or funneled to your team automatically

Easy Interview Management

Save time with intuitive interview process automation

  • Search, tag, add notes, invite for interviews, and send follow-ups
  • Auto-schedule interviews with qualified candidates
  • Set and send interview reminders
  • Rescheduling options for interviewers and candidates

The Best Of Both Worlds

Leverage the power of AI without losing the human element

  • Real-time live agent takeover by by Live Recruiter talent acquisition specialists
  • Choose your coverage needs, from business hours to 24/7 x 365
  • Provide instant candidate feedback
  • Improve the candidate experience with human-to-human interaction, candidate follow-up, and post-interview feedback managed by the Live Recruiter team

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