Frequently Asked Questions

What is Live Recruiter?

Live Recruiter provides a chatbot service for hiring. Our chatbot combines the automated functions of AI and the human touch. When candidates visit your careers site, they can access the Live Recruiter chatbot for assistance with their application. If the automated messages are insufficient to address their query, they can speak to a recruiter who monitors the chat and can walk them through the application process. Additionally, Live Recruiter automates recruitment tasks, such as interview scheduling and responses to frequently asked questions. 

How does Live Recruiter improve the candidate experience?

While automation and AI have streamlined the hiring process and allow companies to process massive amounts of applications, candidates have become jaded and frustrated with the over-reliance on AI in hiring. Many candidates feel that the job search process has become impersonal. Live Recruiter is on a mission to change that. Person-to-person contact makes the job application process more pleasant for candidates, regardless of outcome. By giving candidates the option to communicate with a person rather than an AI, it not only provides them with a memorable experience applying with your company but also clarifies your expectations and allows candidates to put their best foot forward by increasing their understanding of the role. This positive candidate experience will reflect well on your employer brand, attracting top-tier candidates in the long run.

I already have an application portal on my website. How does Live Recruiter fit into my existing site?

Live Recruiter is designed to be integrated with your existing careers page. Like chatbots aimed at consumers who visit corporate pages (for example, retailers or telecom providers), Live Recruiter’s chatbot is built seamlessly into your website. Our intuitive messaging system guides candidates through their application and can even connect them with a live agent, which no other recruitment chatbot offers. 

I have an internal human resources department that handles hiring. Is this the right service for me?

Human resources personnel have a lot of responsibilities internally and are largely focused on employee management, not external candidate funnelling. Additionally, in most cases, HR employees are not involved at the outset of the application process. Live Recruiter provides support for applicants from the very beginning of their application journey. It is critical to engage with applicants at this stage; around 60% of users abandon their online job applications if the process is too time consuming or unintuitive. Furthermore, your human resources employees are probably only available from 9am – 5pm. Live Recruiter provides 24/7 chatbot monitoring. We meet candidates on their time, ensuring that they are engaged and follow through with their application. This is especially advantageous for remote hiring where time zone differences may be a factor. We mitigate application abandonment, allowing you to maintain a steady candidate pipeline. Live Recruiter works around the clock to provide your human resources department with the best possible candidate pool to choose from.