Conversational AI recruiting has revolutionized how organizations are using AI for recruitment. Most people associate AI recruiting with a chatbot answering simple FAQs. Conversational AI recruiting brings things to the next level by focusing on creating more engaging and human-like interactions to build positive relationships with candidates.

This post will breakdown what differentiates conversational AI recruiting from traditional recruitment chatbots and how it has changed the recruitment game for businesses.

What is Conversational AI Recruiting?

Conversational AI for recruiting refers to the use of advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms to understand better how humans converse, going beyond the limitations of conventional chatbots. These technological advances allow conversations to be more realistic, more robust, and more aware of the end-user.

How Conversational AI Recruiting Is Changing The Game

How Conversational AI Recruiting Is Changing The Game

With a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), your candidates will engage like never before. Instead of standard input and output sequences, complex conversations can occur. Conversational AI learns the nuances of our language and considers how we say something rather than just what we say.

Shorter Conversations Lead to Higher Completion Rates

Conversational AI gathers information more quickly and efficiently, considering what is said at any point throughout an interaction and recalling that information when relevant. For example, suppose a candidate states they have five years of experience as an accountant at Deloitte LLP. In that case, conversational AI recognizes that information about background, job title, and current employer, has been shared and won’t ask about it later on. The result is a shorter conversation that increases the chances of a candidate fully completing the screening. 

Starts the Process of Nurturing Connections

In human conversations, personality, tone, and emotion all play a significant role in understanding a message. These factors contribute to how people feel when they speak to someone, and conversational AI recruiting considers this. Conversational AI helps provide a better candidate experience, building positive emotions in potential candidates by providing positive feedback. For example, if a candidate shares that they have more experience than the required minimum, they would receive a response: “ You have a lot of experience. You’re a great fit for this role.” Using AI for recruiting in this way starts the process of nurturing connections with candidates, building momentum for your recruiters.

Conversational AI Learns Over Time

The most significant benefit of conversational AI is the algorithm’s ability to remember complex statements and learn from multiple interactions to continually improve the accuracy of responses. For example, if a candidate inputs a skill not recognized in your database, it will be flagged, and put into the database to be known the next time it’s mentioned.

Building Relationships for the Future

As businesses become more comfortable with using AI for recruitment, the advantages of conversational AI will become apparent. Companies looking to augment their recruitment process with tools capable of increasing productivity and candidate satisfaction should look no further than conversational AI recruiting.

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