IT recruitment has gotten increasingly difficult with the onset of COVID-19 and the way it has changed how companies recruit and hire. With the information technology industry experiencing shortages of qualified talent, increased competition among employers and more, it has come to the point where recruiters are struggling to find any candidates that meet the criteria. From inexperienced human resources and recruiters to the lack of employer brand and active candidates, there are many reasons why IT has been struggling with recruitment. 

However, there is one tool that has been a savior for recruiters and the industry, it is Artificial Intelligence recruitment. With recruiting chatbots, all of these issues can be dissolved, with preciseness and quality while reducing time-to-fill significantly. Here are some reasons why conversational AI is changing the landscape of IT recruitment.

How Recruiting AI is Transforming IT Recruitment

Successfully Respond to The IT Talent Shortage

The talent shortage that has been experienced throughout the IT industry is not more of a matter of not enough qualified candidates, but rather a lack of knowledge and no networks to understand the many positions available within IT.

To remedy this, a company can work with a recruiting agency for contacts and knowledge, however, it is costly and requires time and constant communication, especially with the long list of processes within recrutiting. Alternatively, implementing recruiting chatbots within the company can drastically increase engagement with in-depth knowledge of the IT industry built within the machine learning AI. Additionally, having a strong employer brand complements the recruiting chatbot, which includes work culture, reputation, employee voice, and ensuring employees have an opportunity to grow and flourish within the company. With the combination of these, you will be able to tackle the issue of IT shortage. 

Significantly Increase Applications Through Your Careers Page

Implementing a recruiting chatbot into your recruitment process strategy can increase your application rates straight from your careers page. AI allows you to automate communication with candidates on your site with intuitive chatbots that respond within seconds and have the ability to answer any questions or concerns prospective talent has, along with asking preliminary questions to deem if the candidate is a good fit for the company.

From there, the chatbot can seamlessly direct the prospect to the application for easy access and submitting. Furthermore, it can promote job boards automatically with insights and analytics through AI technology. This allows you to target the most viewed job boards that candidates seek and allow you to take advantage of that and post your positions on those sites, directly leading to your careers page. 

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Reduce Cost-Per-Hire With A Strong Employer Brand Via Automation

There are many instances where a candidate will drop out due to a poor user experience or a complex website, making you lose on a prospective candidate.  With AI technology, you can enhance your website and ensure it is seamless and simple for candidates to navigate through your site, tackling these IT challenges. In fact, the chatbot will engage with the candidate as they enter the site, making it easier for them to reach the application for an open position. 

Final Takeaways

With ai recruiting software, the revolutionization of IT recruitment has begun, and it is shifting at a fast pace. With so much to offer companies, there is no denying that over the next several years, recruitment chatbots will be prominent within the IT industry. With these challenges being the prominent factors in IT recruiting, and recruiting ai being able to solve these issues, it seems as though these issues will be a thing of the past. Ai has the capability to reduce talent shortage, increase applications, improve candidate journey, automatically schedule interview dates and appointments, and reduce costs for companies. All of these factors make recruiting ai a no-brainer for IT recruitment.

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